An invaluable experience at the lowest prices in Longyearbyen! Both our guests and staff are serious lovers of the Arctic from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities who come together as a community at Gjestehuset 102. Get expedition tips from people well-familiar with the terrain during our free communal breakfast, step outside and put your skis on in the shadow of a glacicer, and share your adventures at the end of the day in our comfortable lounges and self-catering kitchen. Then sleep comfortably in our single, double and four-bed rooms before the next day's adventure.

We offer lodging with a special touch and an informal atmosphere.  Our hosts will do their best to make sure you have a pleasant stay, and we are more than willing to share our knowledge about Svalbard with you. Here you will easily get to know the other residents, and often experiences and tips are exchanged during our free communal breakfast. From your bedroom window you might see reindeer and the Arctic fox passing by. And if you are here during the time of the polar night you can experience the fascinating Northern Lights just outside the building.

Gjestehuset 102 is located in Nybyen, in the upper part of the Longyear Valley. Nybyen was founded in 1946-1947 in association with Mine 2B. Known then as Barrack 102, it was the "millionaires' mansion" for the oldest and most experienced mine workers. There were 72 men in every barrack, two people sharing each room. This was a major improvement compared to the four-bed rooms that had been normal in the old Sverdrup city, on the opposite side of the valley. Nybyen had a mess hall, bathing facilities, a laundry and - for one period - of time, the only shop in town was located there.

In 2001, Barrack 102 became Gjestehuset 102, but the atmosphere from the time of the miners has been preserved. Gjestehuset 102 is now a gathering place for tourists from all over world, scientists and North Pole explorers.

The distance from Gjestehuset 102 to the city center is about two kilometers.

Welcome to Gjestehuset 102, a place with history and soul!