One of the world’s largest areas of untouched nature awaits you on 78 degrees north.

In the dark season it's 24/7 without any daylight in Longyearbyen, and this attracts people from all over the world to experience the unique northern lights of the High Arctic. 

In the summer, beautiful colours and contrasts provide the frames for dramatic glaciers, majestic mountain formations, buzzing bird mountains and endless arctic tundra with its diverse flora and fauna.

Visitors find themselves enclosed by the unparalleled silence on Svalbard. The light lures us to this unique place in which the midnight sun shines from early spring till autumn. During the winter, the northern lights cast sparkles of light across snow-covered, pointed mountain peaks and an infinite landscape - day and night.

The blue light caught between darkness and light turns reality into a pure fairytale. The surroundings become works of art.

A stay on Svalbard is the perfect vacation if you want peace, quiet and space for thoughts and dreams. Thoughts swell in the encounter with Svalbard’s exciting wildlife, history and fascinating cultural monuments located across the archipelago. We move with respect in this vulnerable landscape.

For the sake of your safety and to ensure that you get the most out of your stay on Svalbard, we recommend our local tour operators’ diverse selection of organised tours, which can be booked directly through our websites.

Let the images and memories of wonderful experiences be what you bring back home from Svalbard.

Warm regards,

Tourism Manager Ronny Brunvoll