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Hurtigruten Svalbard

We are the most well-established tourism company on Svalbard.  Read more >>

Discover Svalbard

Discover Svalbard offers booking of all kinds of activities such as dog sledding, ice cave, snowmobile tours, sightseeing, boat tours, kayaking, etc.  Read more >>

Rana Itinerans, 'the travelling frog'

Need a bit more science? Our background is at your disposal to show you flora and fauna, explain the environment of the arctic and its wildlife, answering your questions on lo  Read more >>

Arctic Adventures

Arctic Adventures is a small exclusive alternative to the bigger tour operators. It is run and owned by Jens Abild who has more than 20 years experience working with expeditio  Read more >>

Arctic Wildlife Tours

With Arctic Wildlife Tours you will be able to experience the arctic nature and wildlife in Svalbard in a spectacular way. We focus on bringing our customers in good situation  Read more >>

Polardogs Svalbard

Polardogs focuses on an individual and personal experience, which means I only do tours with a maximum of 2 people at a time. There are other kennels around Longyearbyen to ch  Read more >>

Svalbard Nature

Svalbard Nature is an outdoor tour operator located in Longyearbyen - Spitsbergen, created in 1996.  Read more >>

Svalbard Buss and Taxi AS

Svalbard Buss and Taxi AS provides passenger transport and the popular sightseeing trip "Longyearbyen in a nutshell", scheduled every day of the year.  Read more >>

Polar Permaculture

Polar Permaculture is focused on connecting people back to food by growing locally grown produce here near the north pole.  Read more >>

FatBike Spitsbergen

FatBike Spitsbergen offers bicycle tours with FatBikes.