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Gruvelageret AS is a brand new restaurant, which opened in Longyearbyen February 2015. The location is at a historical part of the city and the building is a former warehouse  Read more >>

Sushi Kita

A polar sushi experience at the northernmost sushi restaurant!  Read more >>

Polfareren Restaurant

Svalbard Hotel serves food in a modern atmosphere of the city's newest hotel. The menu in the restaurant is characterized by the Nordic, French and Asian cuisine.  Read more >>

Arctic Tapas

With Arctic Tapas, you'll experience Longyearbyen while enjoying a complete arctic meal in our remodeled restaurant bus!  Read more >>

Huset Restaurant

""Huset” is one of Longyearbyen’s most legendary buildings. During the dark season you see it lit up at the top of the valley, the town's beacon for culture and...  Read more >>

Coal Miners’ Cabins Bar& Grill

Welcome to Coal Miners' Bar & Grill where we make our food on a charcoal grill! We can offer great-tasting burgers and the best barbeque in town. We also got vegetarian...  Read more >>

Rabalder café og bakeri

Rabalder is located in Longyearbyen’s ’Kulturhus’, the performing artscentre, and has something for everyone, both the young and the young atheart!  Read more >>

Steakers Svalbard - Kroa

Welcome to Longyearbyen's most relaxing and historic restaurant atmosphere, for the celebration of a big day, a romantic dinner or to have a drink alongside the locals.  Read more >>

Karlsberger Pub

Karlsberger Pub, known as KB by the locals, is a small, but very content pub in the heart of Longyearbyen.  Read more >>

Restaurant Nansen

At the Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Spitsbergen you will find Restaurant Nansen  Read more >>

Funktionærmessen Restaurant

Welcome to Longyearbyen’s historic eating place, where the mining company’s administrative staff enjoyed their meals.  Read more >>

Funken bar

A relaxed oasis at the Spitsbergen Hotel 

Barentz Pub&Spiseri

At Barentz Pub you will meet the locals, who more often than not come to enjoy the daily special.  Read more >>

Det gamle Nordpolet

Until recently, the old alcohol store from 1954 lay forgotten beneath the Spitsbergen Hotel.  Read more >>

Svalbar Pub

Svalbar is your year-around pub in the heart of Longyearbyen.  Read more >>